SODECAM has specialised for sixty years in manufacturing tools for the parts turning industry and offers its customers its expertise and responsiveness.

Our product range includes the manufacture of:

  • Guide bushes for traditional and CNC sliding headstock lathes: fixed, drawn adjustable, pushed adjustable and magic.
  • Tightening clamps for parts turning and machining machines
  • Special guide tools: support spoons, bushes for trimming machines, centres and tailstocks, etc.
  • Metrology tools: smooth carbide rings and pads, comparator spouts, staged calibres, etc.
  • All types one-piece or bi-material carbide circular-shaped (steel/carbide) tools. e.g. One-piece bushes, reference axes, etc.
  • Cutting tools: one-piece carbide and steel-carbide bits and reamers, etc.

All our products can be manufactured individually or as a series.