Drawn or pushed carbide guide bushes

SODECAM offers guide bushes for all types of machine tool (traditional and CN). The guide bushes have a carbide bore.

We supply drawn guide bushes, pushed guide bushes and magic bushes.

Drawn adjustable bushes:

We have created a set of 32 items, each one corresponding to one or more manufacturers (see cross-reference table), to cover all machinery worldwide and both traditional and digital turning machines.

We have set two main criteria for all these items – geometric quality and guide length.

Geometric quality:

  • Standard (concentricity at 15 mm 0.015 mm max.)
  • UP (concentricity at 15 mm < 0.005 mm)

Guide length:

  • Standard (according to bore, see table)
  • Medium (guide length 30 mm)
  • Long (guide length 40 mm)
  • Extra long (length >40 to be defined, according to bore and reference)

We produce round and profile bushes (square, hexagonal, profile based on drawings).

These bushes can be manufactured with concentric or excentric bores. They are produced with tungsten carbide or hardened steel bores for oversized diameters.

We can treat surfaces upon request to reduce the risk of jamming.

Pushed adjustable bushes:

Manufacture upon request of pushed adjustable bushes for conventional machines or three-segment bushes for digital machines fitted with the device in 28, 33 and 42 sizes.

These bushes are fitted with sealing joints at slots for good elasticity and protection against shavings. They can be manufactured in steel, steel with carbide bore or wear-resistant bronze.


Magic bushes:

Manufacture upon request of all types of magic boring bushes greater than 2 mm.

We also provide additional services like unjamming, lapping and chamfering for the different types of round adjustable bushes.

Download the list of adjustable guide bushes for each machine or for each manufacturer:



Look for the cross-reference by selecting the brand and model of your machine on the left; and the cross-reference will be shown on the right:


The use of our products implies compliance with the rules for operating machine tools recommended by the various manufacturers.


Ask for a quotation for your carbide guide bushes.

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